The Real Meal Revolution's online Banting program will help you transform your weight and

health by removing hunger.  There are no meal times, no portion sizes and no kilojoule restrictions.
The only thing you count is carbs. 

"I've dropped a dress size too :) and I am literally watching my stomach shrink before my eyes every morning!"  -  Ceinwen, Melbourne, Australia

How does it work?

Jonno's cooking videos are fantastic and turned me into quite a star in the kitchen!

Alison Uys, Johannesburg, South Africa

Easy carb counting with the Meal Tracker

The meal tracker is gold dust and absolutely key. This made all the difference to seeing the carb in-take and this forum has also been superb.

Gwendy Krijger, Hong Kong 

High-Fives for all in the community forum

I just love the great science that's been done on LCHF.

Linda Komesaroff, Melbourne, Australia

Sciency stuff to explain why it works

One of the best forums I have ever come across. Super excited!

Randeep Manghat, Sydney, Australia

Deliciousness in every Recipe and Cooking Lesson

You sign up and learn the diet through expert video lectures. Download your meal plans and recipes. Do the shopping.

And then, you track what you eat while you lose weight and get healthy with a bustling community 

Annalie, South Africa

Thousands of people have revitilised their energy levels, lost weight and reduced all lifestyle illness medication just by Banting

"I was gobsmacked as I didn't think eating all the delicious food would make me lose weight.."

Randeep, Australia

Karlien, UAE

Is it just weight loss or is there more?

"I don't think I'd have a grasp of the quantity and amount of carbs in all food without

the Meal Tracker."

"One of the best support forums I have ever come across. Super excited."

Karen Hong, Jordan

A word from of our happier, healthier Banters!

"Two weeks behind me and 4.5 kg down. Overall feeling better, sleeping better "

The quick carb counter helps you find out if you are eating the right foods

Why sign up with Real Meal Revolution?

Watch your weight drop

Our online program has been specially design for people with busy lives who want a simple and practical solution to ailing health as age and stress take their toll.

The scientific formulation, unique online delivery, advanced tools and proactive social support functionality make our program

the most convenient and sophisticated online weight loss program on earth.

The recipes are delicious and they all make you thin. It does not get better - true story.

The weight tracker helps you compare foods you eat to the weight you have lost


Know Your Carbs

Worth every cent. I had the book, but just never quite got round to reading it. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about wanting to adopt the Banting way of eating - you will save yourself so much time learning through the course.

Apart from all the other videos, Jonno's cooking videos are fantastic and turned me into quite a star in the kitchen!

- Alison Uys  Johannesburg, South Africa